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Native American
Offering specialized administrative services
UMR offers American Indian and Alaska Native tribes the specialized administrative services they need to deliver a quality health plan focused on containing costs and getting plan members the right care at the right time.
We have created three service opportunities for tribal groups:

  • Tribal employee self-funded medical administration services
  • Mini-med plan benefit offerings
  • Medicare rate repricing for eligible tribal members


Tribal Employee Medical Offering

UMR provides medical, preventative/wellness, mental health/substance abuse and disease management programs that can be tailored to the specific circumstances of tribal/gaming enterprises. We can bring creative solutions to new and existing enterprises through dedicated service deliver teams who are sensitized to cultural and health care needs.

Mini-Med Plan Benefit Offering
A self-funded, limited benefit plan option, our mini-med plan supplements Contract Health Services ( CHS ) and Indian Health Services (IHS) primary care and ‘life and limb’ benefits. While we have set up a set of basic benefits for a guideline, we will structure the plan to address each individual tribe’s needs and we’ll do it for less money than other alternatives. If you’re looking for an insured product, we can help—with a fully insured mini-medical program.
In both cases, we can structure benefits to focus on severe chronic conditions through our disease management and wellness programs. For example, many clients include management of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure and hypertension in their structure. We can help identify at risk individuals with a health risk assessment and work with them individually to help them control their condition and live healthier lives.
Medicare Rate Repricing
Since the Federal Government’s implementation of the “Medicare-Like Rates” pricing of hospital claims, tribes can work with us to control medical costs. We can reprice hospital, emergency room, psychiatric, rehabilitative and home health care fees to Medicare rates to Medicare-participating hospitals that deliver services to American Indians and Alaska Natives through IHS-funded programs.
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